What a difference a few treatments can make.

Cosmetic Acupuncture , change without Botox or surgery.  For all lines and wrinkles.

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Is Cosmetic Acupuncture The New Botox?

Botox injections to erase facial lines are commonplace today but facial acupuncture, a treatment that's been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is becoming increasingly popular as a natural alternative to plastic surgery and Botox. Acupuncture needles are a well-accepted treatment in the West for migraines or stress but facial acupuncture for aesthetic purposes is a more recent phenomenon. However, there are already dozens of clinics offering this service in London alone. Janice, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the very few in the UK to offer facial acupuncture and is now one of Suffolk's top practitioners in non-invasive aesthetic techniques. She combines the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine with new scientific medical insights to promote what she describes as "ageing well".  Janice's  methods have been praised by her loyal customers.

So how does facial acupuncture actually work and does having tiny needles inserted across the face hurt? The needles are incredibly fine so they make the slightest of painless pricks but what these tiny punctures do is cause the body to go into repair mode, increasing circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. The technique, inspired from traditional acupuncture, encourages production of newer, stronger collagen and elastin fibres resulting in improved firmness, elasticity, reduced fine lines and a healthier complexion and texture overall. This micro-wound healing response, unlike Botox, can influence the long term health of the skin, working on more than just the superficial signs of ageing.

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The main result people experience from facial acupuncture is a brighter, plumper complexion. The treatment does help to smooth lines and improve the firmness and volume of skin. But unlike Botox or dermal fillers, or a more extreme procedure like a facelift, facial acupuncture isn't a quick, instant fix and more than one treatment is advised.  An initial course of four treatments is suggested, once or twice a month with follow-up sessions to ensure maximum efficacy and long term results.  Keeping in mind that a Botox treatment is an ongoing treatment as it only lasts a few months and involves injecting Botulinum toxin, it's not surprising that a more natural treatment like facial acupuncture is becoming more popular.

If you're looking for a healthier alternative to Botox or seeking a treatment that will ensure you leave with a healthy glow and less fine lines (and who doesn't want that?) Janice's  signature acupuncture facial is definitely worth considering.

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The Service is now available here in Felixstowe.


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